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Belrose Refracting Equipment - Product Index
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Family Practice Projector Slide -1193
Retinomax K-Plus 3 Autorefractor/Keratomete
3200 — Projector Slide with LEA Symbols® and Sloan Letters
Acuity Astigmastism Projector Slide-1113
Adult Acuity Projector Slide-1180
Adult Polarized Viewers-1030
Algerbrush II
AO Custom I Chair and Stand
Ao Custom II Chair & Stand
Ao Lensometer 12603
AO NCT I and II Target Bulb
Astigmastism & Vergence Projector Slide-1103
B&L Greens
B&L Vertometer model 216570
Battery for Reichert Tonopen, pack of 4
Battery for AO/Reichert MIO CJB120
Belrose 2010 Refractor
Belrose Air Frame Warmer
Belrose Applanation Tonometer B-870
Belrose Applanation Tonometer B-900
Belrose Auto Lensometer model BEL-ALN80
Belrose Beam Splitter Slit Lamp -BELBEAMSPLITTER
Belrose BEL-03000 Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscope Bulb
Belrose BEL-03100 Bulb For Welch Allyn Transilluminator
Belrose- BEL03800 Bulb for W/A Panoptic Ophthalmoscope
Belrose BEL-04900 Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscope Bulb
Belrose- BEL1012P7003 Replacement Keeler BIO Bulb
Belrose BEL-12047 bulb for AO/Reichert MIO Corded style
Belrose BEL-12048 bulb for AO/Reichert MIO Rechargeable style
Belrose BEL-12604 Bulb For AO/Reichert 12603 Lensometer
Belrose -BEL199189 Propper BIO Bulb
Belrose BEL-216518 B&L Vertometer Model 70
Belrose BEL-360H Battery
Belrose BEL-4007 Bulb For Marco 101 Lensometer
Belrose BEL-4008 Bulb For Marco 201 Lensometer
Belrose BEL-722 Battery for W/A Instruments
Belrose BEL-723 Battery for W/A Instruments
Belrose BEL-900,930 Universal Slit Lamp Bulb
Belrose Beyond Acuity Visual System
Belrose Color Panel Test
Belrose Color Test Book 14 Plates, Ishihara Type
Belrose Color Test Book 24 Plates, Ishihara Type
Belrose DAS Digital Acuity System
Belrose Deluxe Trial Lens Set
Belrose Digital Camera Adapter-BELDIGCAMMT
Belrose Digital Pupilometer
Belrose Digital Slit Lamp
Belrose Foreign Body Removal Kit
Belrose Front Surface Mirror Set
Belrose Hand Held Slit Lamp SL-RVP
Belrose Hertel Exophthalmometer with case (metal)
Belrose Hot Box Frame Warmer
Belrose Instrument Table Top
Belrose Jackson Cross Cylinder Test
Belrose Multiple Pin-Hole, long handle, black
Belrose New Classic Lane
Belrose New Deluxe Lane
Belrose New Economy Lane
Belrose Ophthalmic Stool with back, color black
Belrose Optopol PTS 910BY Auto Perimeter
Belrose Perimeter Trial Lens Set
Belrose Power Table with sliding top-TW-2543
Belrose Power Table-BEL-YT2A
Belrose Pre-Test Power Table-BEL-TBS1000
Belrose PRK-6000 Autorefractor/Keratomete
Belrose Red lens and Occluder, long handle
Belrose Red Maddox and Occluder, long handle, black
Belrose Retinoscopy Training Eye
Belrose RightMed Chair and Stand 1600
Belrose RightMed Chair and Stand 1600-CB Combo
Belrose RightMed Chair and Stand 1600-CB Combo, No Console
Belrose RightMed Chair and Stand 2000
Belrose RightMed Keratometer Arm 7500 for Stand
Belrose Simple Acuity Visual System
Belrose Single Pin-Hole, short handle, black
Belrose Skiascopy Set
Belrose Skioscopy Rack-BEL-L2
Belrose Slit Lamp YZ-5F
Belrose Titanium Trial Frame
Belrose Trial Frame
Belrose Ultrasonic Cleaner
Belrose Universal bulb 42025-51010 For Topcon and Burton Lensometer
Belrose Wallmount Power Supply
Belrose Wheelchair Mover
Belrose YZ-5F1 Slit Lamp
Belrose-BEL1011P7034 Keeler Ophthalmoscope Bulb
Belrose-BEL4474020400 Bulb for Topcon Slit Lamp
Belrose-BELMETP25 Replacement Mentor BIO Bulb
Burton Illuminated Refractor 7500-I, Minus Cyl.
Burton Illuminated Refractor 7500-I, Plus Cyl.
Burton Manual Lensometer 2021
Burton Slit Lamp 800 Series
Butterfly Stereopsis Test with LEA Symbols®-1010
CAX Manual Projector Bulb
Color Vision Testing Made Easy
DGH 5100 E A Scan/Pachymeter
DGH 55 Pachmate HandHeld Pachymeter
DGH 8000 B-Scan Scanmate
DGH Pachette3 Pachymeter
DGH-550 Pachette2 Pachymeter
Fly Stereopsis Test with LEA Symbols-1000
Gulden- 11116 Horizontal Prism bar B-16
Gulden BV-15 and BV-16 Vertical and Horizontal Prism Bars
Gulden BV-15 Vertical Prism bar
Gulden-11316 S-16 Prism Set
Gulden-11322 S-22 Prism Set
Introducing All New Tomey RC-800 Autorefractor/Keratometer
Marco 101 Lensometer
Marco Deluxe Chair and Stand
Multi Acuity Projector Slide-1192
New Belrose Lorgnette Pin-Hole Occluder
New Belrose Occluder, long handle, black
New Belrose Occluder, short handle, black
Ocular 12.5mm Peyman Wide Field Lens: OPY-12.5
Ocular 18mm Peyman Wide Field Lens: OPY-18
Ocular 25mm Peyman Wide Field Lens: OPY-25
Ocular Karickhoff 21mm Vitreous Lens: OJKY-21
Ocular Karickhoff Off-Axis Vitreous Lens: OJKPY-25
Ocular Landers ROP Lens Attachment-OI-LROP
Ocular Mainster (Standard) Focal/Grid: OMRA-S
Ocular Mainster High Magnification: OMRA-HM
Ocular Mainster PRP 165: OMRA-PRP-165
Ocular Mainster Wide Field: OMRA-WF
Ocular MaxAC® (Autoclavable) Lens Stand-OI-LSA
Ocular MaxField® 100D: OI-100M
Ocular MaxField® 120D: OI-120M
Ocular MaxField® 14D -OI-14
Ocular MaxField® 18D-OI-18M
Ocular MaxField® 20D-OI-20M
Ocular MaxField® 22D- OI-22M
Ocular MaxField® 25D-OI-25M
Ocular MaxField® 28D-OI-28M
Ocular MaxField® 30D-OI-30M
Ocular MaxField® 35D-OI-35M
Ocular MaxField® 40D: OI-40M
Ocular MaxField® 54D: OI-54M
Ocular MaxField® 60D: OI-60M
Ocular MaxField® 66D: OI-66M
Ocular MaxField® 72D: OI-72M
Ocular MaxField® 84D: OI-84M
Ocular MaxField® High Mag 78D: OI-HM-78M
Ocular MaxField® Standard 90D with Large Ring: OI-STDM-LR
Ocular MaxField® Standard 90D: OI-STDM
Ocular MaxLight® 14D-OI-14
Ocular MaxLight® 18D-OI-18
Ocular MaxLight® 20D-OI-20
Ocular MaxLight® 28D -OI-28
Ocular MaxLight® High Mag 78D: OI-HM
Ocular MaxLight® Standard 90D with Large Ring: OI-STD-LR
Ocular MaxLight® Standard 90D: OI-STD
Ocular MaxLight® Triple Two Panfundus 22D-OI-222
Ocular MaxLight® Ultra Mag 60D: OI-UM
Ocular NMR Mainster (Standard) Focal/Grid: OMRA-S-2
Ocular NMR Mainster High Magnification: OMRA-HM-2
Ocular NMR Mainster PRP 165: OMRA-PRP-165-2
Ocular NMR Mainster Wide Field: OMRA-WF-2
Ocular NMR PDT 1.6X: OPDT-2
Ocular NMR ProRetina 120 PB: OPR-120-2
Ocular NMR Reichel-Mainster 1X Retina: ORMR-1X-2
Ocular NMR Reichel-Mainster 2X: ORMR-2X-2
Ocular Osher MaxField® 78D: OI-78M
Ocular PDT 1.6X: OPDT
Ocular Pediatric Reichel-Mainster 1X Retina: ORMR-1X-P
Ocular Saxena Retinal Grid 428-OI-SRG428
Ocular Saxena Retinal Grid 520: OI-SRG520
Ocular Ultra View Small Pupil 132D: OI-SP
Optec 360 Retinoscope Bulb 2.5V
Optec 360 Retinoscope Halogen 3.6V Bulb
Pediatric Acuity Projector Slide-1077
Pediatric Polarized Viewers-1031
Perkins Mk 2 Hand Held Applanation Tonom
Pre-owned Belrose Practitioner Exam Lane
Pre-Owned Belrose Refurbished Auxillary Lane
Pre-Owned Belrose Refurbished Low Budget Lane
Pre-owned Marco RT-300 Refractor
Propper 199315 Wall Bracket
Propper BIO Universal Powerall Power Source 199387
Propper Insight LED BIO 199185
Provideo One Acuity System
Random Dot E Stereopsis Test-1015
Random Dot Stereopsis Test with LEA Symbols®-1005
Reichert Premier Chair and Stand
Reichert RxMaster Ultramatic Phoroptor
Reliance 7700 IC Stand with 880 Chair
Reliance 7700 NC Stand with 980 Chair
Right Medical Auto Optester Remote Vision
Right Medical Speedy K Auto Refractometer/Keratometer
RightMed Speedy "I" Autorefractometer/Keratometer
Tomey AL-100 Biometer/A-Scan
Tomey EM-3000 Specular Microscope
Tomey FT-1000 Non Contact Tonometer
Tomey RC-5000 Autorefractor/Keratometer
Tomey RT 7000 Auto Refractor/Keratometer/Topographer
Tomey SP 100 Pachymeter
Tomey SP-3000 Pachymeter
Tomey TL 100 Auto Lensmeter
Tomey TL 2000C Auto Lensmeter
Tomey TL 3000C Auto Lensmeter
Tomey TL 5000 Auto Lensmeter
Tomey TMS-4 Corneal Topographer
Tomey TRU-1000 Modular Refraction Unit
Tomey UD 1000 Ultrasound Technology
Tomey UD 6000 Ultrasound Technology
Topcon CSIII Chair and Stand
Topcon IS-80 Chair and Stand
Topcon VT-10 Vision Tester
Universal Halogen Bulb 6V 20W
Welch Allyn PanOptic Ophthalmoscope 11810
Welch Allyn 03100 Transilluminator Bulb
Welch Allyn 03800 PanOptic Bulb
Welch Allyn 08200 Retinoscope Bulb
Welch Allyn 11710 3.5 V Standard Ophthalmoscope
Welch Allyn 11720 3.5 V Coaxial Ophthalmoscope
Welch Allyn 11730 3.5 V AutoStep® Coaxial Ophlthalmoscpe
Welch Allyn 11735 3.5V Prestige™ Coaxial-Plus Ophthalmoscope
Welch Allyn 12400 StrabismoScope Unidirectional Occluder
Welch Allyn 25020 Diagnostic Otoscope, 3.5V
Welch Allyn 71930 3.5V.Lithium Ion Rechargeable Handle
Welch Allyn 71960 Battery
Welch Allyn 72000 Battery
Welch Allyn 72200 Battery
Welch Allyn 72240 Battery
Welch Allyn 72300 Battery
Welch Allyn 72600 Battery
Welch Allyn 74350 Wall/Desk Power Source for BIO
Welch Allyn 74360 Portable Power Source for BIO
Welch Allyn Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope 12500-Y
Welch Allyn Convertible Handle 71000C
Welch Allyn Elite™ Spot Retinoscope 18300
Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscope Bulb 03000
Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscope Bulb 04400
Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscope Bulb 04900
Welch Allyn PanOptic Ophthalmoscope 11820
Welch Allyn Plug-In Handle 71000A
Welch Allyn Retinoscope 18245
Welch Allyn Transilluminator 41100
Welch Allyn Well Handle 71670
Woodlyn Childguard Refractor
Woodlyn Wheelchair Handicap Unit
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